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Why and for What

The world requires clean energy sources to sustain our ever-increasing energy demands.  As climate change deepens due to increasing fossil fuel use, fusion has been regarded as “The Ultimate Energy Source”, capable of generating nearly inexhaustible carbon-free energy.

Since 1950s, scientists have sought to create and control nuclear fusion to generate electricity.  Great endeavors in science, technology and engineering have ensued since then.  Monumental progress has been achieved in research and development capability as increasing awareness of challenges still to overcome.  Opportunities present themselves for mankind to face this challenge and deliver practical fusion energy.

ENN Fusion Engine Challenge (FUGINE) is a global program that seeks to attract dedicated scholars and innovators who are devoted to advance fusion research and development. It is part of the ENN Carbon-free Energy Initiative (ENN-CFEI) launched by ENN Energy Research Institute, with an aim to leverage open innovation to solve the world's energy challenges and embrace a carbon-free future.

Both individuals and organizations are encouraged to participate and submit proposals. These will be reviewed by an international panel of scientists, engineers and academics according to technical merits. Substantive prizes as high as $150,000.00 USD will be awarded to the winners. All the prize winners will have opportunity to become ENN’s technology partners, to jointly work toward the realization of the winning proposals. 

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FUGINE Challenge Brief 大赛介绍


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2019.3.1 -2019.3.31

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Topics of Interest

  • 1

    Controlled Fusion Solution

    Innovative ideas and approaches to achieve controlled fusion, including in toroidal or non-toroidal compact configurations, , using advanced fuel cycles, etc.

  • 2

    Overcoming Known Handicap

    Techniques and approaches to overcome handicaps in existing fusion approaches. Examples include: protection against energetic neutrons, survival of plasma-facing material, heating plasma to 50keV in temperature, maximizing tritium breeding, ensuring tritium self-sufficiency, applying high-temperature high-magnetic-field superconductors, controlling plasma stability, etc.

Prizes and Award Criteria

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  • Q

    Do I need to pay in order to submit my proposal?


    No, there is no fee to submit your proposal to the FUGINE Challenge ; however, you are required to register yourself or your team in order to participate. 

  • Q

    Can I submit more than one proposal?


    Yes, you may submit more than one proposal.  However, we recommend that you  participate with only one elaborated proposal.

  • Q

    What language should I use for the proposal?


    Both English and Chinese are allowed.

  • Q

    Is it required for all team members to register online?


    No. If you participate as a team, all members shall use only one log-in account.

  • Q

    Is there a team member limit when submitting a proposal?


    No, there is no team member limit; however the prize money is fixed. 

  • Q

    Can team members originate from different schools, countries or locations?


    Yes, teams can originate from different schools, countries and locations; however it is the team captain's school and country which defines the project origin.

  • Q

    What specific agreements require my signature before participating?


    Before submitting your proposal, you must register and click the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and ENN FUGINE  Participant Agreement”.  You can participate as either an individual or team member.  If you register on behalf of a team, you are responsible to insure that each member has read and agree to the above mentioned agreements.  These agreements are legally binding between the sponsor and every team member.

  • Q

    Am I required to pay taxes should I win the grand prize?


    Based upon the laws of your country, state or city, you may have to pay taxes based upon your earnings.  If you are a Chinese citizen, the answer is YES.

  • Q

    How do I know if I won?


    The winning results will be released in April, 2019 on our website.  You will also be  contacted directly via email or telephone.

  • Q

    How do I collect the prize money?


    We will make every appropriate effort and arrangement with you to transfer your winnings to your designated financial institution.


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